PT101 Workshop: Bridging the Gap Between Member Engagement and Personal Training

PT101 Workshop: Bridging the Gap Between Member Engagement and Personal Training 2013-08-05T21:51:10+00:00


After a successful personal training career, I decided to take on a position in a well known international fitness organization with the primary responsibilities of building personal training business & professional development for our team of trainers. Since Sept. 2012 our PT monthly goal has been exceeded on a average of 150% -200%.This is in combination with a successful SGT series (fee based small group training) that is now expanding. It all comes down to member engagement and a review of how to maximize the member experience.

If you are a certified personal trainer then you might have noticed that personal training also includes selling. Yes, SELLING your service. Unfortunately, certification courses for personal training do not emphasize the importance of developing skill sets that promote your service.

Unfortunately, most trainers don’t know how to offer then SELL their service. The “S” word is part of our industry. Learning how to add VALUE to personal training is the key.
My “PT 101 Workshops” will make certified personal trainers accountable for building their pt clientele base, give their incentive to promote their service and teach them how it’s connected to member engagement.

Below is sample of my workshop’s agenda:

  • Identifying opportunities/Role playing: Common scenarios e.g., Member attempting a barbell back squat with heels off the floor, knees knocking, forward lean and with an expression of pain written on his/her face.
  • Drills: In less than 3 minutes be able to introduce yourself, identify member’s goals and connect on how PT service is the missing link in achieving their goals.

In my workshop I will cover “The Top 3 questions a trainer should ask themselves in the scenario above”

  1. Identify what the member needs.
  2. What can I offer to assist with the member’s dilemma?
  3. How can I tie into personal training?


  • Member Engagement Tips.
  • Discussion on the benefits of personal training & why it’s a great VALUE!
  • Plus a review of a proven successful system on how to communicate and soft sell services.

My workshop are geared towards trainers who have floor shifts at their gym. These principles are universal for any selling. Like any skill set, practice and continue your education regarding the art of selling.
The main theme is that ALL business growth begins with building relationships; the more contacts you make the more opportunities to acquire a new client, and the more positive impact you can make in member’s lives.

One last thing, here is one of my favorite quotes “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail…”

“In my 14 years in the fitness industry I have seen that there is often a gap between the technical knowledge that a personal  trainer possess and the ability to articulate and engage that information to a potential client.  Julio Salado truly understands how to bridge that gap and how to paint a simple picture so that all type of personal trainers can understand the importance.   After one seminar our team came away with some immediate simple strategies to add to their approach, which lead to a direct improvement in engagement with our membership base.”


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