Workshop: Breaking Out of Breaking Even!

Workshop: Breaking Out of Breaking Even! 2017-09-26T19:11:33+00:00

TBA: Dates and Location to be Announced.

3 Hours Hands on Workshop

NASM and AFAA CEU Approved

What You Will Learn:

  • Identify and overcome client’s challenges in their lifestyle for losing weight and maintaining their progress .
  • Increase value of personal training  by educating clients on healthy weight loss expectations through assessment and personalized program design.
  • Effectively apply science based tools & the “A.I.M. Method” to empower clients and help them make better decisions to stay on track to reach goals.
  • Strategies on how to optimize client results through nutrition, customized resistance training and cardiovascular exercise selection.
  • Your clients will no longer lose or gain weight without understanding why and learning to overcome it.


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What People Are Saying…

Julio Salado has changed my life! I came to Julio after sustaining knee and shoulder injuries, and having been in pain 24/7. Within weeks of training with Julio, I was pain-free! Julio is very caring and attentive to what each of his clients need, and designs his programs to address their specific goals and challenges. Knowing that goals change, Julio also continually provides varied programs and advice. He uses a holistic approach, incorporating strength, flexibility, posture and balance, and reinforces the benefits of each exercise. I am continually impressed with Julio’s extensive knowledge, his passion for his work and his genuine caring. I am grateful to him for helping me achieve my goals.

Angela A.

Although it all seems like common sense and second nature now, the gradual and thoughtful nature of Julio’s adjustments to my nutrition routine along with Julio’s support and encouragement made the changes manageable and attainable – I did not feel overwhelmed or like it was ‘too much.’  Coupled with continuing to do cardio and weights at the gym, this has resulted in significant increase in my lean muscle mass and overall strength, a firmer and more toned shape, a decrease in my body fat percentage and overall weight – and, most importantly, good health and fitness habits that are workable with my lifestyle and sustainable for the long term.  Thank you Julio!

Michelle B.

Julio’s body sculpting program has three components – cardio, weights and nutrition.  Already being committed to doing cardio and weights at the gym, the program really helped me focus on, learn about and improve upon my nutrition – not only basic caloric intake, but also nutrient macros.  While meeting certain caloric and nutrient macro goals seemed daunting at the outset and did require some work, Julio’s coaching focused on incremental adjustments over a period of time that were realistic based upon my lifestyle and on progress (not perfection) – the cumulative effect being significant positive changes to my daily nutrition routine.  For example, I am now more aware and focus on portion sizes, adding good fats and protein-rich foods to my diet, ensure I have time to plan and prepare my own meals (including bringing lunches and snacks to work and experimenting with different foods and spices in my own kitchen) and eat and drink in moderation when I go out. 

No kids, but significant family demands.  70+ hour/week job with global reach.  Can commit to exercise 5X a week but need flexibility due to work and family responsibilities.  As the next phase in an overall weight loss, strength and conditioning program, started Julio’s body sculpting program as a way to facilitate progress and change in body composition, in particular to increase lean muscle and reduce body fat.

Thank you so much for the encouragement, for the plan and for positively pushing me each week. Although it doesn’t seem like much weight, it was a ten pound start on weight that I couldn’t manage to lose over years!  I really thought this goal wasn’t achievable with my work/family situation. Really can’t thank you enough!!!! (I really look forward to Monday mornings too. I enjoy our workouts and feel like it starts my week in such a motivating way!)

That being said, just got home from a retirement dinner for two friends in the north end. Will have to be very strict this week to meet my goals. They ordered (and I ate) more food than I usually do all week!!!!

Myra P.

Prior to me training with you, I would say I was dedicated to working out with some frequency (3 to 5 times per week), but it wasn’t getting me where I wanted to be.  I was just maintaining my weight.  I am not a big fan of the group-ex classes that to me seem like “repetitive injury clinics” (and I leave that up to you if you want to include).  I am an avid bike rider, did a couple of barre classes a week and muddled through my own weight workouts.  But it had no focus and I just thought given my frequency with working out, I couldn’t lose any weight because I had plateaued.  I started training with Julio late last summer and things started to change.  My weight workouts became more focused.  Julio developed flexible workouts that complemented my strengths and focused on areas that weren’t as strong and went well with bike riding and barre.  Then came the incorporation of nutrition into the fitness picture.  I wouldn’t say I was a bad eater, but when I had a caloric goal, and put that side by side with my activities and understood that if I wanted to lose weight there were parameters I had to work within, it all started to click.  It’s not about starving myself.  It’s about being smarter about what I was eating, from portion sizes to more protein and tracking my exercise and my food intake.  Incorporating a bit more cardio here and there also helped.

I believe training with Julio has educated me to make lifetime changes that I will carry forward.  I wanted sustainable changes not drastic changes and Julio has made that happen and I am grateful.  I consider this a journey and will continue to need his direction and training.  I am not falling off this road (or my bike).

Thank you Julio!

Joan F.