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August 2015

Iron Cross Total Body Stretch


The "Iron Cross" is a great post workout total body stretch for runners, Olympic lifters, martial artists & weight lifters. It will stretch the chest, hips & low back muscles while relaxing the body on the foam roll. Have a question? Click here... Ask The Trainer!

Iron Cross Total Body Stretch2018-07-05T17:40:33+00:00

The Rotator Cuff Conundrum


By Julio A. Salado., NSCA-CPT., U.S.A.W. Performance Coach www.fitnessfoundry.net   Disclaimer: Please see your doctor if you have any pain in your shoulder. This article is meant to be informative and not a form of treatment. Snap and POP! What happened to my bicep? A young man explains he was only reaching for his whey [...]

The Rotator Cuff Conundrum2018-07-05T17:39:44+00:00

Total Body Slides Workout


Slides are great for lengthening and strengthening muscles through low impact & HIGH intensity workouts. In this video you will exercise your gluteus, quadriceps, hamstrings, inner thighs, chest and core muscles! Simple but challenging bodyweight circuit. Have a question? Click Here... Ask The Trainer!

Total Body Slides Workout2017-08-29T20:37:51+00:00

Got Knee Pain? Treat the source NOT the symptoms!


Got Knee Pain? Treat the source NOT the symptoms! By Julio A. Salado, NSCA-C.P.T., USAW Coach. If you are reading this, you may have had knee pain or are looking for some exercises to prevent this condition. My essay is a basic corrective exercise approach to common knee pain usually caused by lack of ankle & [...]

Got Knee Pain? Treat the source NOT the symptoms!2018-07-05T17:41:26+00:00

October 2014

Turkish Get Up Bodyweight Workout


No gym required for this total body workout! Incorporate Turkish Get Up, Spiderman Pushups, Split Jumps, Diamond Pushups & Touchdown Jumping Jacks for a challenging circuit. Instead of reps try 25 seconds for each exercise for 4 rounds. Have a question? Click here... Ask The Trainer!

Turkish Get Up Bodyweight Workout2017-08-29T20:34:47+00:00

Slow Motion 495lbs. Deadlift


The deadlift is a foundational exercise that will develop strength for the posterior chain. It is a hip dominant movement that requires technique to insure safety & results. This slow motion video gives basics tip for the whole lift. Questions? Ask the Trainer!

Slow Motion 495lbs. Deadlift2017-08-29T20:32:59+00:00

August 2014

Interview with Natural Bodybuilders Billy & Bobby McClain (Fall 2007)


Pre-Show Billy & Bobby Wondertwins FF: Let’s start from the beginning with the usual routine. Tell us a little bit about yourself ? My name is bobby mcclain, i'm ageless,i have an identical twin brother and we've both competed & placed in the top three in all 7 of our competitions! In each [...]

Interview with Natural Bodybuilders Billy & Bobby McClain (Fall 2007)2017-08-29T20:28:31+00:00

May 2014

Overcoming Training Plateaus: The Mental Factor


Overcoming Training Plateaus: TRX Side Plank  The Mental Factor. by Julio A. Salado., NSCA-CPT., USAW Coach  Although our thoughts are processed in the brain, I believe our mind is in our heart. This is evident when an individual’s determination fuels them enough to push them over the finish line of a marathon. This [...]

Overcoming Training Plateaus: The Mental Factor2017-08-29T20:42:58+00:00

April 2014

Accessory Exercise for Olympic Cleans


Accessory Exercise for Olympic Cleans. By Julio A. Salado NSCA-CPT., USAW Coach As a U.S.A.W. Sports Performance Coach (Olympic Lifts) & also a post rehab specialist, I have the background & experience to help members improve their athletic performance while preventing injuries. Exercise technique is paramount for all modalities of fitness but especially when doing [...]

Accessory Exercise for Olympic Cleans2014-04-24T17:44:05+00:00

Kettlebell & BattleRope Push Up & Pull Exercise


Great combo exercise for 2 under used pieces of fitness equipment, the Kettle bell & Battle Ropes. Test your strength & conditioning with push ups and rope pulling. Strengthen your core, upper body and grip with this simple post workout finisher!

Kettlebell & BattleRope Push Up & Pull Exercise2017-08-29T20:43:47+00:00

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