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“One of my goals in writing this book is to give you practical information that can be used today!  I will give simple insights into the science of weight loss without delving into unnecessary academic terms.” – Julio Salado, NSCA-C.P.T.

BREAK out of breaking even is the first book to address the phenomenon of “breaking even”! 

“Breaking even” is when you invest time in exercising and eating healthy but not seeing results, especially long term.

You will develop skills and self awareness for long term weight loss management. The program is designed to be sustainable, flexible, and customized to fit your lifestyle and goals!

The proven methods in this book can be used by fitness professionals and anyone wanting to lose 5 pounds to 150 pounds!

You will no longer lose or gain weight without knowing why and learning how to overcome it!

“Finally! A breakdown of how weight loss really works! Julio Salado’s “BREAK OUT of Breaking Even” is a clear-cut way for trainers to understand what is happening to their clients’ bodies during the weight loss process, where they are going wrong, and strategies to ensure weight comes off effectively and STAYS off. A must-read for any trainer looking to help their clients succeed in their weight-loss journey and get a better understanding of how to create a weight-loss program effective for each and every client.”- Jill P. NASM CPT

Here’s what Midwest Book Review has to say about “BREAK OUT of Breaking Even” 3 Step Method for PROVEN Long-Term Weight loss!

“Thoroughly accessible to readers of all backgrounds, Break Out of… Breaking Even! guides the reader to planning their meals and their workouts, organizing a balanced diet as well as a fitness practice that takes advantage of both resistance and cardio training. The goal is lose weight at a gradual, sustainable pace and keep it off. A wealth of tools to aid the reader in this goal including a bodysculpting reference sheet, a bodysculpting tracker, and more round out this “must-have” for the health-conscious. Highly recommended” Midwest Book Review Editor-in-Chief