“The Future of Fitness” was a global virtual event held Nov. 16-18, to dive into the most vital topics in our industry.

I was a panelist for “Virtual Fitness: Why a Hybrid Model Is a Must for Your Club’s Survival” sponsored by Club Industry.

In this clip, I discuss the difference between social influencers and brick and mortar online presence, lead generating, funnels and collaboration with local business and non-profits to help you pivot into a hybrid model.

Club Industry’s Press Release: “The highest attended session was “Virtual Fitness: Why a Hybrid Model Is a Must for Your Club’s Survival,” which was moderated by Adam Zeitsiff, CEO of Intelivideo, and included on the panel Jennifer Halsall, board member of EuropeActive as well as international retention and member engagement manager at Basic-Fit; Riz Sunny, CEO of My Bollywood Body and Muscle Mecca Gyms; Julio Salado, founder of Fitness Foundry; and Mike Hansen, managing partner of Endorphinz.”

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