Chronological Age vs. Physiological Age.
Practical Implications for Older Adults Training

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When: May 2023
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Where:  Massachusetts Council on Aging

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Older adults are outpacing the younger market in the health and fitness industry. They are becoming more motivated and educated about the benefits of physical activity as a result of media coverage. Attitudes and outdated stereotypes toward older adults are also changing for the better.

As fitness professionals, we have a responsibility to evolve our own standards and incorporate specific programming into our work with the older adult population.

I believe the fitness industry will need to update our approach for goal setting and for prescribing a fitness regimen for this special population.

What is the SPARTA Method?

The SPARTA method involves a synchronicity of Western exercise science and Eastern holistic arts that helps seniors overcome the perception of limitations and movement, promotes acuity, and develops self-confidence, which leads to more empowerment.

The SPARTA system utilizes the body’s innate ability to relearn movement along all anatomical planes. This is accomplished through progressive challenges to the individual’s cognitive and physical fitness.

The program combines hand-eye coordination drills, change of direction, ankle mobility, grip strength, power exercises, perturbation, and memory recall drills, among others. It also requires that the fitness professional has an above-average level of engagement in and awareness of the senior’s body language and feedback.

The inclusivity of the system can play a vital role in helping seniors maintain their quality of life, prevent injury, and set the stage for long-term independence.

The workshop is based off my SPARTA Seniors book.

What You Will Learn:
-New perspective on chronological vs. physiological age for training older adults.
-Perception and Fears: The Missing Link of Older Adults Training
-Introduction to the SPARTA Method for goal setting and for prescribing a fitness regimen.
-Practical applications of Auxiliary Exercises in your program design and coaching tips.
-Increase value of your organization services by collaborating with other health and medical professionals.

All Are Welcomed:
-Hands-on workshop/presentation for our seniors in our community and surrounding area.
-Anyone who works with or cares for an older adult can benefit from the presentation.
-Educational handouts for healthy aging.
-Attend a SPARTA Seniors class before the workshop (workout starts at 11am).

“Your presentation was fantastic. All the people I spoke to after the meeting, were so excited about figuring out something that we can do with you. Some of us may follow your videos and books, but some of us would like to set up a group activity. ” Karen Lynch Mass. Senior Action Committee Metro North Chapter.

Clip from April 2021 presentation for Massachusetts Senior Action Committee Metro North Chapter.

In this short clip, you will see a hands-on workshop where I explain the meaning of “functional ability”, “healthy aging” and I go over the fundamentals of the SPARTA Method. Such as The SMART Method and the S.A.I.D Principle.

The main take-away are that “chronological and physiological age are often very different and not an objective assessment of the person’s capability”!

“There is a need for a more holistic approach for senior fitness, which can be achieved only through a concerted effort between the fitness industry and health care providers.” – Coach Julio


Contact me for upcoming events or to host a workshop! CLICK HERE!