Updated: April 14, 2022

Thank you to Laurie Kirby from WBZ Radio for letting me share about my volunteer trip to the Poland/Ukraine border with World Central Kitchen.

“When I see what I see there, I see a grandmother, a mother a father a brother a sister, so what we’re witnessing…is that human connection, and the despair,” he said. “I know once you get in that environment, even if it’s temporary, getting your meals and sitting down and eating, you get hope.”

Listen to the full interview!

I will travel to Przemysl, Poland, on April 16th for a week of volunteer commitment with World Central Kitchen.

I am asking for support to cover my travel and housing expenses. It includes my flight, 3-hour road travel from the airport to Przemysl and daily travels from my rental to the distribution center, where I will volunteer for 12-hour shifts.

I have estimated $2,400 to cover the basics.

Here’s my GoFundMe Page: CLICK HERE

I’ll be among many people doing what we can to support the Ukrainians.

Any donation is significant, and thank you for your support!

Coach Julio

My GoFundMe Page: CLICK HERE