Pre-Show Billy & Bobby Wondertwins

Pre-Show Billy & Bobby Wondertwins

FF: Let’s start from the beginning with the usual routine. Tell us a little bit about yourself ?

My name is bobby mcclain, i’m ageless,i have an identical twin brother and we’ve both competed & placed in the top three in all 7 of our competitions! In each show, we won best poser.

FF:What got you into natural body building and how long have you been doing this..? Are you looking to be on Star Search or something?

Our older brother wes competed fr a couple of years and we would go to his shows , and each show we became more eager to compete. So, he taught us everything about training and nutrition , and HERE WE ARE ! we are not looking for international fame from natural bodybuilding , we just love the competition and the whole idea of proper nutrition & healthy lifestyle

FF: One thing I really respect about you is the fact that you are approachable. Do you have many people ask you about training or weight loss?  How have you managed to achieve humility?

I have never been one to showcase my physique . when i first began bodybuilding, i did show more because i was so proud of my achievements. but , the more developed i became , the more i would hide. and now, i show nothing unless it’s close to show time . those are the times when i want to see how my physique is shaping, so , i would work out in a tank top. but that in itself is a HUGE deal for me ! There are people who guestion me on a regular basis, but being at the Y, there are new members every day and most have no clue that i actually compete. that’s the way i like it

FF: Let’s get to business – what’s something you consistently see people doing wrong in the gym?

I notice people lifting wrong everyday. most people lift too heavy. they don’t understand the concept of ”squeezing” your muscles. It’s called bodybuilding but , i actually think it should be called ”bodyshaping”, because that’s what your’re doing, you are trying to build them but your main goal should be shaping them.

FF: Please elaborate more on ‘Bodyshaping’..

People think i’m this big guy, but i’m not at all. my goal was to shape my body with round shoulders, small waist,a complete develop chest and killer abs. with those things , you give the ”ILLUSION” of big guy.

FF:  What percentage of results come from nutrition? Please digress on what are the main points that people are missing with regards to their nutrition? 

The most important factor of training is ..nutrition. nutrition is 75% of your results. knowing what to eat and when to eat is vital. It’s a science. It takes time to truly figure out what your body needs to grow and develop. and everyone body is different , but i promise you, once you know the proper way to eat and supplement your body, you’ll be amazed at your results ! 

FF:  I know that you professionally dance too. Is this part of your program too?

Our dancing rehearsals definitely keeps us tight so we can truly skip the ”traditional” kinds of cardio, and just DANCE !

FF: Do you believe that natural breathing or diaphragmatic breathing is beneficial in achieving results? And why?

Breathing properly when lifting is also important. I practice breathing as a tool to develop and shape my abs. being able to master your breathing technique is vital in the sport of natural bodybuilding. i practice throughout the day, being able to breathe completely through my diaphragm and control it has allowed me hold poses longer than most i compete against !  

FF: Last question – if you could only give people one piece of advice to help them achieve their goals, what might that be?

MY LAST ADVICE would be…don’t give up on your body , allow your body to develop . don’t take the short way out,  you can truly achieve your ideal body if you put in the time and dedicate yourself to the ” healthy” aspect of it !…..thank you > julio

Pre-Show Billy & Bobby Wondertwins

Pre-Show Billy & Bobby Wondertwins

FF: Odelay, thanks so much for the interview!