Dobryi Den’ (Good Day in Ukrainian)!

In late August 2023, I will make my third volunteer trip to Ukraine, however this time I will travel to the southern region of Kherson. I will assist a small group of local and international volunteers in cleaning out houses that were affected by the flood from the destroyed Kakhovka Dam. Other tasks will include loading and unloading humanitarian aid, delivering food and water to residences, to name a few.

I will post my day to day activities on my social media along with a video diary on my YouTube channel.

My hope is that my volunteering will bring public awareness to the long-term destruction caused by the invasion, the vital work of humanitarian organizations and give hope to the people of Ukraine.

Join me in standing in solidarity with Ukraine.

If  you would like to support my volunteer trip, please see below safe and secured options for sending donations.

Your gift will help me cover expenses for travel, personal protective equipment, work safety gear and other necessities for daily living abroad.

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