Presented on April 28, 2021

Short clip of my presentation “New Perspective on Senior Fitness: Chronological vs. Physiological Age” for the Massachusetts Senior Action Committee Metro North Chapter.

In this short clip, you will see a hands on workshop where I explain the meaning of “functional ability”, “healthy aging” and I go over the fundamentals of the SPARTA Method. Such as The SMART Method and the S.A.I.D Principle.

Chronological and physiological age are often very different and not an objective assessment of the person’s capability!

“Your presentation was fantastic. All the people I spoke to after the meeting, were so excited about figuring out something that we can do with you. Some of us may follow your videos and books, but some of us would like to set up a group activity. ” Karen Lynch Mass. Senior Action Committee Metro North Chapter.

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Workshop Clip- Fear of Injury and Strength Training : CLICK HERE!

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Coach Julio