My passion for being the best is carried outside the gym and into our community through my social networking with other successful health and fitness professionals including businesses that have a similar mission. – Coach Julio

Julio Salado is available for consultation on:

  • Health and Wellness Events/Demonstrations
  • Corporate Fitness Programs (Design and Implementation)
  • Team Development and Leadership
  • Fitness Assessment and Program Design for Special Populations
  • Community Outreach Fitness Programs
  • Business Development and Marketing for Fitness Professionals

“In my 14 years in the fitness industry I have seen that there is often a gap between the technical knowledge that a personal  trainer possess and the ability to articulate and engage that information to a potential client.  Julio Salado truly understands how to bridge that gap and how to paint a simple picture so that all type of personal trainers can understand the importance.   After one seminar our team came away with some immediate simple strategies to add to their approach, which lead to a direct improvement in engagement with our membership base.”

-Tim Botto
Director of Operations

“ My exercise science students + the instructor who teaches the fitness management course all loved the books. My gift to them as we close out the degree. As I read it, you hit all the important points of customer service and trainer responsibilities. Good job.”

-Judy Quinti, MS., C.S.C.S., Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Penn. College

“Julio was an exceptional sales leader and mentor on my team. His pragmatic approach, willingness to share his own expertise and wisdom while listening closely, are all qualities that others around him learned from. Beyond that, as a mentor Julio has always tried to help others become a better version of themselves rather than trying to mold them to his own perspective. His constant support of other team members was invaluable.” –

Chris Rule, M.B.A., Adjunct Professor of Sports Marketing at Bunker Hill Community College

“How to Become an A list Personal Trainer” is a tremendous resource for any Fitness, Health and Wellness Director or those in management of Personal Trainers.  Julio Salado has written and delivers an easy to understand approach to being successful not only in terms of financial gain but also in developing that deep relationship with clients that gets them to a point where they want to make real life long changes for themselves.  The true reward for any Personal Trainer, impacting lives in a positive way!  Julio’s content and reflects a deep understanding of the trials and tribulations of All Personal Trainers but especially those that may be struggling or new to the industry!”

Regina Hayes MS, CSCS, ATC., Health and Wellness Director at Parkway Community YMCA

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