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Remember, your goals are the most important variables to a successful training strategy.

Age: 24
Goals: Flexibility, address lower and upper body muscle imbalances, core training and conditioning.
Client Since: January 2008
I had worked with several trainers before Julio, but Julio is  definitely is the most attentive and professional of them all. I work and go to school at the same time and still Julio kept me in shape by being extremely efficient in our  workouts and always addressing my form and any imbalance or flexibility issues.  I’ve learned loads from him and he was definitely the best investment I’ve made for my health.
Thank You Julio
Blas B.
Age: 87
Goals: Upper body strength, functional training, balance, stronger shoulders including range of motion, lessen low back pain, flexibility.
Client Since: January 2008 
‘Julio has made a new man of me, which is very difficult since I am in my 80’s but he has done it.  I looked in my mirror yesterday and I said, “Wow, whose shoulders are those”. And they are mine !
The best trainer and motivator in the world–and that’s a large place.’
Waldo F. M.D.
Age: 58 Goals: Develop lean muscle mass,  balance, weight loss, improve strength and sculpt figure.
Client Since: April 2008
‘Training with Julio Salado is great! Julio himself is a power of example for transforming your life through fitness, proper nutrition and perseverance. In addition to helping me with overall strength training, flexibility and  toning, Julio has addressed some of the physical challenges I face with arthritis and plantar fascitis and with the exercises he has incorporated into my routine, I’m enjoying greatly increased mobility and freedom from pain! Plus its really fun to work out with Julio! The routines are always challenging and new and Julio’s input helps keep me motivated!’  (note our exercises also addressed muscle imbalances & increases metabolism)
Liz D.
Age: 33 Goals: to develop lean muscle mass, increase metabolism, improve strength and sculpt figure.
Client Since: March 2008
Julio is a brilliant personal trainer.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.  He is friendly and fun, but also professional and focused.  He is wonderful at listening to personal goals and tailoring the workout  to your own precise needs.  I felt motivated, inspired and uplifted by his workouts.  He paid close attention to  any concerns I had, and was able to help me strengthen muscles which might have been getting tired, without ever straining them.  When working with him, even during one week when I chose to work out every day, I never felt any fear that I might  hurt myself – with Julio, you are in safe hands.  My workouts with him increased my strength, balance, muscle mass an confidence!  Julio helped me to gain muscle mass quickly, and I am amazed by the strength I now have. Julio also takes time to go over any nutrition concerns his clients have, and to give detailed nutritional planning; I found his diet advice as helpful as his workouts.  He is patient and polite, but also ready to have a laugh!  I have loved  working with him and can’t wait to be back for more!  Well worth every penny.
Kirsten C.
Age: 57
Goals: Post rehab replaced knee, strengthen and condition muscles, body fat reduction, return to outdoor  physical activities. 
Client Since: February 2008
‘As a 57-year-old with an artificial knee, and the other with bad cartilage, a stressed-out rotator cuff, as well, I’d nearly given up on serious physical training, or even doing day-to-day activities without some kind of pain. I’d noticed, in my gym, how great Julio was with folks of all ages, and shapes, and decided to give him a try. He readily  accepted, in spite of the challenges presented by my body, and after our sessions I am nearly pain-free (he worked me with the skill and knowledge of a physical therapist) and in much better shape. I know I’ll keep up his workouts for a long time to come because of what I’ve learned from him. In short. I gained in both overall conditioning and strength, and I learned  a thing or two about nutrition, and the value of rest. I recommend Julio enthusiastically and without reservation to folks of all ages and conditions! ‘
Bob V.


Age 23

Goals: Develop specific sport core  strength, strengthen joints and muscular conditioning, increase power, reduce body fat, address past meniscus/knee and ankle injuries.

Client since August 2007.

‘Training with Julio Salado has had nothing but positive effects for me.  In my sport/profession you need to have strength, endurance, and be able to prevent injury.  Using the unique exercises Julio has created, I have been able to reach a level of competition I never imagined was possible.  I recommend Julio/Fitness Foundry to anyone who is serious about their health and looking to take their life to the next level.’

Matt G.


Age 68

Goals: Improve posture, post rehab replaced knee and rotator cuff injury, overall joint and muscular strength.

Client since Novermber 2007.

“I trained with Julio for three months and from our very first meeting I was impressed and pleased. What I think I valued most and noticed right away when I met Julio was his knowledge about what he is doing – and his professional attitude and enthusiasm. I also liked that he spent a lot of time at the start to get to know about my current physical condition and my personal training goals. Each time we met  Julio was focused on the training he was giving me. For me the most surprising thing was that once I started training with  Julio I began to go to the gym four times a week! Up until then I was lucky to go more than two or three times a week. I started doing this without really planning to do it. What I think had happened was that for the first time I felt I had a training plan that would be helpful for me. It’s been more than two months since I’ve trained with Julio and I have kept up this schedule of going to the gym four times a week.”

Doug K.


Age 42

Goals: Improve overall health, body fat reduction, address muscle imbalances

Client since December 2007.

“Julio unites today’s exercise science with eternal principles of movement, balance and harmony, and in doing so has created a training method that’s as unique as Julio himself. He worked with me to identify my own health goals, and suggested options I hadn’t considered. He helped tailor some workouts to ensure that I wasn’t overworking  some areas and underworking others; I favor a good run, so Julio added a pre-run and post-run routine to balance out the overall affect and impact. In the end, I am healthier today than I was when I started training with Julio. And as importantly, I’m better equipped to understand my body’s needs, and to address them in sustainable, healthy ways.”

Matt  S.


Age 32

Goals: Increase lean body mass, upper body  strength, body fat reduction.

Client since October 2007.

“Julio is amazing. Though, I’ve never had a personal trainer before; I’ve been around others in gyms. Others try to be your friend, while Julio is extremely personable his goal is to make you work harder and better. The routine vary almost all the time shocking my muscles and just when I think that they’ve adapted – I’m sore the next morning. He is always careful of pushing the fatigue envelop without compromising individual tolerance levels or safety. His sessions are probably the best investment I’ve made in 2007.

Dr. Shridhar V.


 Age 55

Goals: Postural alignment, Core strength, improve range of motion in right hip, body fat reduction & flexibility.

Client since November 2007.

“Julio is an unusually knowledgeable and attentive trainer. He is mindful of injuries, respectful of limits and attends to feedback – even the most casual, offhand comments – by modifying exercises to suit his clients’ individual needs.  His workouts are fun, varied and, best of all, bring results. After just six workouts, I’m noticeably stronger, more flexible, free of chronic pain and may be able to avoid a hip replacement. This guy is very, very good — and he clearly likes his work.I highly recommend him!

Diana D.


Age 25

Goals: Trim & tone lean body mass, body fat reduction,  Core strength & conditioning, Improve athleticism for recreational sports & competitions.

Client since July 2007.

“Julio is a motivating, charismatic, and highly knowledgeable trainer. His workouts aren’t easy, but the dividends are immense. I’m astounded by my body’s capabilities after just 12 weeks of training with him – I’m running eight-minute miles now…this from the girl who could barely manage to jog 6 mph three months ago. Every time my body started to adapt to the exercises, Julio designed a new workout for me, and when I was tempted to ease up, he wouldn’t let me quit.  He’s a brilliant trainer who truly wants his clients to succeed.  He exudes passion for healthful living and fitness (I think his photos make that clear!), but his clients are really the ones who benefit.  My holiday bonus is going right to him!!

Lindsay G.


Age 49

Goal: Body fat reduction, increase strength, left hip weakness, overall health

Client since November 2006.

‘Hello Julio, On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate you as a 10+++ trainer.  Your training program and one-on-one sessions  are beyond my expectations as I’ve worked with personal trainers in the past.

What sets you apart from other trainers that I have worked with is your focus on me as an individual and your ability to customize a program to meet my personal goals. Your focus during each training session is phenomenal – as if you know what I’m feeling and thinking – thereby motivating me every second – it is truly exceptional as is your expertise as a trainer.

You are so knowledgeable and your passion for training and helping me to meet my personal goals is so evident – inspiring and motivating! From the very first meeting with you, you impressed me because you truly listened to me and not only understood my goals, but you understood the “why” behind my goals.  You asked questions and listened to really understand where I was coming from.  Because you really understand me – where I’ve been and where I’d like to be – you have set forth a program to help me not only achieve my goals but to exceed them, as I’m seeing.

As we train, you continue to gather  feedback from me each training session to build to the next.  You also always answer my questions and provide so  much encouragement, especially as I’m breaking through and going to the next level of training.  Your encouragement during each session and between is just huge!

I have recommended you to many friends as they’ve seen the results of our training together and wanted to know what I was doing.

Thanks for everything!

Jill c.


 Age 31

Goals: Body fat reduction, increase lean muscle, take fitness to next level.

Client since January 2007.

“I have been consistently working for the past 3 years trying my best to get my body in top form.  I had lost weight but was not gaining any muscle definition and was lost on where to go next.  I found the weight room at my gym very intimidating and did not even know where to begin using weights.  I decided to take a leap and sign up for a few sessions with Julio. That decision was one of the best I have ever made.  Since training with Julio he has transformed my body and taught to maximize every minute of my workout.  Once I learned how to work out effectively, my body and stamina began to change, with each session I became stronger and more confident  The best part was that the workouts were fun and challenging, I was actually working out with a smile on my face.

Now I have other members at my gym asking me how I got in such great shape, and I tell them I owe it all to Julio!

Becky L.


Age 23

Goals: Body fat reduction, increase lean muscle, Strength and Tone

Client since August 2007.

I started training at the gym with a friend of mine about a year ago. We trained very had but had few    and slow results. Then we met Julio and started training with him. It was like night and day. I have made more improvements in stamina, max weight and overall strength and power in one month with Julio than I made in a whole year on my own. He really knows how to keep you motivated and on track. Best of all makes it easy to follow. He started me on a meal plan and a set workout routine. I started feeling the difference after our second session. Perhaps the best thing about Julio is that he’s just a great guy! He’s not just a trainer he’s your friend! He’s always happy to see you and if you run into him on the street he makes sure to come over and say hello and see how your doing. I can’t see a better person to keep anyone more focused, motivated, and dedicated to achieving his or her goals! Julio is truly the best!

Chris D.

Developing proper and balanced exercise progression habits in the early stages  will lead to long term results.   

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