Why is this different from other weight loss programs?

I promote a three-step method that develops skills and self awareness for long-term weight loss management. It is called the “A.I.M Method”.

What is the A.I.M. Method?

A program that teaches you about your innate potential and helps you optimize your results

Assess your goals and use science-based tools to personalize and create a realistic and measurable program.
Commit: Take responsibility for your weight loss through a series of small consistent actions with a timeline.

Initiate the customized nutrition and exercise prescription with a purpose.
Connect: Engage your mind and body in a balanced three-step approach to nutrition, cardio, and strength training for weight loss

Motivation will be gained from learning how to overcome your own challenges and avoid common setbacks.
Change: Use your motivation and understanding of key weight management concepts to achieve your personal goals.

“Then came the incorporation of nutrition into the fitness picture. I wouldn’t say I was a bad eater, but when I had a caloric goal, put that side by side with my activities, and understood that if I wanted to lose weight there were parameters I had to work within, it all started to click. It’s not about starving myself. It’s about being smarter about what I was eating, from portion sizes to more protein and tracking my exercise and my food intake.” — Jane Lost 10 pounds in 12 weeks.

The A.I.M. Method is NOT a diet nor is it a linear weight loss process. Any setbacks will become learning experiences on how to overcome challenges whether you have sugar cravings, can’t find the time to work out, or feel unsure how to begin. Let the A.I.M. Method navigate you through your weight loss journey and become the compass to help you reach your goal.

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