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Speaker: Julio A. Salado., NSCA-RCPT*D

When: TBD

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In this workshop, we learn how to show the “value” rather selling “personal training” for trainers whose clubs have 1 or 2 complimentary personal training sessions offered to their members. Proven methods from experienced and successful trainer with hands on activities along with easy to follow workflow ensures every attendee will leave with practical tools they can use.

Julio Salado, a native of Boston, MA. is the founder of, a leading online resource for health and wellness. He is also the author of “BREAK OUT of Breaking Even!” 3-Step Method for PROVEN Long-Term Weight Loss and “How to Become an A-List Personal Trainer!”. For over a decade, Mr. Salado has guided countless individuals from all levels of fitness to achieve their body sculpting and personal training goals. His unique blend of western exercise science and holistic arts has been featured in numerous TV shows, in print, and online. Recently, voted #2 Boston’s BEST Personal Trainer by Boston A-List (Ranked out of 53 clubs in Boston and surrounding areas). Mr. Salado also is an educator and continuing education provider.

  1. Identify & overcome your individual weaknesses in building a personal training business.
  2. Increase value of personal training by leading the conversation, listening and establishing your expertise.
  3. Effectively apply the needs-analysis to show how personal training is the bridge between the client’s needs and goals.
  4. Strategies to price present for the Complimentary Initial Evaluation (CIE) and Complimentary Initial Session (CIS).
  5. Overcoming objections with the “E.I.O” (Emphasize, Isolate, and Overcome) method.

Information obtained in this course should be used within your scope of practice.

  • Personal Trainers
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists
  • Health and Wellness Professionals
  • Community Health Advocates
  • Chiropractors
  • Massage Therapists
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Physical Therapist Assistants
  • What are the most important practices in selling personal training?
  • Summary of Successful Selling Practices
  • “Complimentary Initial Evaluation”: Questions vs. Assessment
  • Practical approach to counter a member’s reason for not training . . . .
  • What if they say “NO”? Next Opportunity!
  • “Complimentary Initial Session” C.I.S: Needs vs. Goals
  • Personal Evaluation
  • Trainer will discuss in front of group 3 areas of personal improvement.
  • The Path Forward For You

“In my 14 years in the fitness industry I have seen that there is often a gap between the technical knowledge that a personal trainer possesses and the ability to articulate and engage that information to a potential client. Julio Salado truly understands how to bridge that gap and how to paint a simple picture so that all type of personal trainers can understand the importance. After one seminar our team came away with some immediate simple strategies to add to their approach, which lead to a direct improvement in engagement with our membership base.”

—Tim Botto, Director of Operations

“Julio was an exceptional sales leader and mentor on my team. His pragmatic approach, willingness to share his own expertise and wisdom while listening closely, are all qualities that others around him learned from. Beyond that, as a mentor Julio has always tried to help others become a better version of themselves rather than trying to mold them to his own perspective. His constant support of other team members was invaluable.” – Chris Rule, M.B.A., Adjunct Professor of Sports Marketing at Bunker Hill Community College

“A huge thank you for everything you have done to help me. You were a great mentor and I really learned a lot especially not having any sales experience. You helped me as a coach, grow my business, and I really do have the utmost respect for you because of one main reason. You walk the walk and grind every day. That’s how I realized you are the real deal.” —Coach Jack Baldwin, B.S., CSCS

Fitness Foundry is an NSCA and NASM Approved Provider of continuing education. This course is offered for 0.3 CEUs.

Certificates, Educational Offering Completion Requirements: Certificates will be awarded upon receipt of payment and successful completion of the educational offering and evaluation form.