Dobryi Den’ (Good Day in Ukrainian)!

My humanitarian trip from Kyiv to Kherson aimed to raise awareness about the crisis and the vital work of local Ukrainian organizations.

It’s been an honor serving alongside such incredible people, and I’ll miss you all dearly.

I witnessed firsthand the devastation of the war, but more importantly, the Ukrainian people’s rich culture, enduring strength, and captivating beauty. Their resilience in the face of such hardship is truly inspiring.

The fight for peace continues, and I promise to return and continue my support from the United States. ­čç║­čçŞ

Thank you to all who supported me.

My Journey:

  • Kherson: I’ll be based in Kherson, southeastern Ukraine, where I’ll be volunteering with my friends at Spravzhni Ukraine. This incredible group of volunteers survived the occupation and continues to tirelessly assist the population of Kherson and the surrounding region. (I had the privilege of working alongside them in 2023.)
  • Cats On Mars: I’ll also be visiting Cats On Mars, a Kyiv-based organization dedicated to rescuing cats from war-torn areas. Their mission is to build a much-needed shelter, a haven where these animals can receive care and rehabilitation.
  • Kitty Pechersk: I’ll also have the opportunity to volunteer with Kitty Pechersk, a local community in Kyiv’s Pechersk district. They provide vital humanitarian, security, and psychological support to residents, including distributing groceries and delivering lunches to elderly neighbors. Additionally, volunteers help prepare materials for camouflage netting, used to conceal military personnel and equipment.
  • Ants Kitchen Hub: A volunteer kitchen hub based in Kyiv that produces nutritious dry meals for the frontline heroes. Learn more about Ants Kitchen Hub

The Importance of Volunteering:

  • Humanitarian organizations like Spravzhni Ukraine, Cats On Mars, Kitty Pechersk, and countless others are the lifeline for countless Ukrainians. ┬áTheir work is critical, and they rely on partners, donors, and volunteers to make a difference.

My Goals:

  • Alleviate Suffering: My aim is to contribute to alleviating the suffering caused by war and help the Ukrainian people rebuild their lives.
  • Raise Awareness: Through daily social media updates and a video diary on my YouTube channel, I want to raise public awareness about the continuing devastation in Ukraine and the vital work of humanitarian organizations.

Most importantly, I hope my volunteering efforts bring a message of hope and solidarity to the people of Ukraine.

Together, we can make a difference!

You can watch my experiences throughout the trip via social media and YouTube.

Dyakuyu (Thank you in Ukrainian)!

Coach Julio

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